1989 – The Beautiful South’s London debut and (eventually) discovering R.E.M

After what was a fairly busy year for gigs, 1989 was disappointingly slower. I’m not entirely sure why. It’s possible it was down to working shifts which aren’t conducive to having a great social life. For whatever reason, I only went to four gigs, all of which were important for different reasons. First up was […]

1987 – The Gigs

What 1987 lacked in quantity it certainly made up for in quality. I had to wait until May for the first gig, That Petrol Emotion at the Town and Country Club in Kentish Town.

I’d been aware of the venue for years as it seemed like anyone who was anyone had played there at some point. I wasn’t disappointed, for me it’s the still the best venue I’ve been to. Perfect size with a large standing area, good sight lines from wherever you stand and some large bars down both sides. And being just up the road from Camden Town for pre-gig drinks it ticks all the boxes.

That Petrol Emotion had released their second album, ‘Babble’, in May and the rather excellent single ‘Big Decision’ in April. The album continued where Manic Pop Thrill left off, intertwining guitar lines, political socially aware lyrics and great tunes. Listening to it now it hasn’t aged at all.

The gig itself was another storming energetic performance with a very lively crowd. The songs off the new album sounded even better live.

If you haven’t heard much of them give them a go, you won’t regret it.

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Morrissey, chocolates and me.

With my new found love of indie music it would have been reasonable to expect that 1987 would  be a good year for gigs.  It definitely wasn’t. In all, I managed to get to three gigs. Yes three.  And two of then were the same group. Pathetic. I’m putting this poor performance down to entering […]

Radio Smiths

Last month I was honoured to be invited to record a couple of hours of Smiths related chat on The Smiths Radio Show (@RadioSmiths). We covered a fair bit of ground, discussing the early days and the groups I discovered having had my eyes opened to the world of indie music. The links are below, […]

Manic Pop Thrills at The Boston Arms.

During the summer of 1986 a friend of mine, Pat, gave me a cassette of a band he’d discovered. I’m not sure how he’d stumbled across them but he thought I’d appreciate them, especially as some of the band had been in The Undertones. The album was ‘Manic Pop Thrill’ and the band, That Petrol […]