What’s this all about then?

Welcome. Finally, after thinking about it for ages I’ve decided to write about my love of indie music. The plan is to base the writing around the comprehensive list of gigs I attended that I religiously recorded, in a battered Filofax, throughout the late eighties and nineties. I hope you enjoy it.

Favourite Gigs

Hello. As the more eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed, this blog has been sorely neglected. In my defence I have been working on another music related project, more of which soon. In order to get back into the blog habit I’m going to write a bit about some of my all-time favourite gigs. Naturally […]

More gigs from 1990 including the Reading Festival, Pixies and The Wedding Present.

Up until Summer 1990 I hadn’t felt inclined to investigate the world of music festivals. I’d obviously read about them in the music press but to be honest the thought of camping in a field in Reading didn’t sound particularly appealing. Also looking at the line-ups there weren’t that many that I thought would hold […]

1990 – The gigs continue…

Next up gig-wise was Billy Bragg at the Town & Country Club in May. I have very fond memories of Billy Bragg gigs around this time. For me it’s the ‘classic’ Billy Bragg period. By then he’d released four albums, ‘Life’s a Riot..’, ‘Brewing Up…’, ‘Talking with the Taxman..’ and ‘Workers Playtime’. There’s not a […]

The Smiths Convention July 1988

As well as the many gigs there was another significant event that occurred in 1988. In issue no.8 of Smiths Indeed I spotted an advert for a Smiths Convention which was being held in Manchester in July. For a Smiths obsessed individual it sounded like something I couldn’t miss. So I despatched my cheque for […]